Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rich folks think they can do any damn thing they want to ... it's about time for a Change.

Rich folks think they can do any damn thing they want to ...with impunity's time for that to Change.  Glorya Kaufman.

 I am going to tell the story of Glorya Kaufman a Los Angeles philanthropist that was my client beginning in late 2007.   Glorya Kaufman in spirit mirrors the famed Leona Helmsley, the notorious Queen of Mean  it is amazing.   I remembered when maids and others came forth and talked about what a bitch Leona was and how she victimized people.  The Helmsleys (he died and she had to serve the time) spent 8 million dollars on their dream estate and then refused to pay the group of contractors, including decorators, gardeners, painters and landscapers, for their hard labor and materials, they also refused to pay taxes on the improvements and proper taxes on the value of the estate.

 I almost dropped my teeth....This is Glorya Kaufman this is her estate, this is her pledge to UCLA for the Glorya Kaufman Hall , this is the State of California, this is the County of Los Angeles , she hates to pay people and she hates to pay taxes and she victimizes people who have worked or provided services for her and she victimizes the taxpayers of the state of California and the County and City of Los Angeles.  Anyway read the Leona story and you'll catch a hint of what I mean.   

Glorya Kaufman under the Glorya Kaufman Dance Foundation has made major donations to Inner City Arts, Mar Vista Family Center, Alvin Ailey Dance Theater, and the coup de grace Glorya Kaufman presents Dance at the Music Center.   Well I orchestrated all of that under my marketing and development company using 30+ years experience brand marketing in the entertainment industry.  I created the Glorya Kaufman Dance Foundation and created Glorya Kaufman as the "Dancing Philanthropist".  These donations were made 'expressly' to elevate; her profile in the philanthropic community, her negative image as a shrew, a racist, a homophobe and a deadbeat with her additional desire for this cleansing and image raising would help her in her attempts to deprive her children and grandchildren of the family estate.

Hmmm, after having successfully developed unknown artists this was great... here was money that could be used to help children, dancers, etc.   Perfect for me....having worked with difficult artists I could suffer through the nightmare of GK when the end result was kids and dancers with dreams helped forever!  Did I mention these were 'endowments'?    You may think I'm kidding about the 'I did this' but Glorya is functionally illiterate and if I was a psychiatrist I would say bi-polar so that meant content and speeches and co-interviewing etc....fighting about hair,makeup and clothing everything .  A judge and at least one doctor agree with me that she needed help. The really cuckoo won't get help especially rich,mean and cuckoo.

Anyway, right after GK received major accolades and press saving the Dance division of the Music Center.  She freaked out and tried to get rid of people and close down the foundation because she had made a pledge of 20 million and she wanted out of it (I've got the emails)  Firing me in her mind and dissolving the foundation was a plan that she and her so called daughter (wink) Debbie Schwartz another idiot (I was at that time secretary of the foundation) would get her out of the pledge with all the publicity intact (she stopped paying UCLA owing 2million but that's for later).... she couldn't but as the year progressed she just stopped paying people and firing them ignoring contracts etc. from attorneys to gardeners....myself and Solters and Digney who I had brought to the project were included.  Glorya ended owing me 35k on my contract and 35k in expenses which included her phone service and mail service for the foundation and foundation travel -including GK's.  That wasn't enough,she then began to defame me with my contacts, including perjury with linkdin and WIPO.  What a bitch.  

I am going to write more about her UCLA stuff ... County stuff etc. later.  Her perjury's and defamations have been aided by her old accountant Frank Lee, and her newest Harvey Bookstein ....Glorya is old and these two are angling for trusteeships which is ok with me but they feed the evil of her and that makes them complicit because she couldn't think these lies up on her own.   I am going to write more because aside from me and my life....her actions have devastated others ....a vendor that she stopped paying lost his home his family is homeless, another will have to file bankruptcy because these are small businesses that cannot take $35k or $60k or $100k losses.   But lastly, her children called and asked if I could help them with info to stop her from taking away their inheritance and their children's inheritance.... that capped it.   This woman sent me into a spiral of depression that impacted my health and her defamations impacted my ability to work and thus my finances.  I was silent because I didn't want her to stop paying charities like Inner City Arts ...they are paid....Alvin Ailey was another concern however their executive director's actions have created this no longer being a concern of mine.  

This world is filled with people who are just plain evil and the streets of this country are filled with good people who are the victims of this same 'evil' .... I think of her children older now with children of their own still suffering the abuse of this horrible woman.  Evil comes in many forms but it has one objective and that is the destruction of others I can't stop them all but I certainly can use my voice to expose this one.  Some things Are Just Wrong