Monday, March 19, 2012

Some Things Are Just Wrong: Rich folks think they can do any damn thing they w...

Some Things Are Just Wrong: Rich folks think they can do any damn thing they w...: Rich folks think they can do any damn thing they want to ...with impunity's time for that to Change.  Glorya Kaufman.  I am going...

RE: Trayvon Martin: Killed for walking while black

From COLOR OF CHANGE PLEASE SUPPORT because Some Things Are Just Wron

Dear friends,

Three weeks ago, 17-year old Trayvon Martin was gunned down by self-appointed neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman. <b>Despite Zimmerman admitting to following, confronting, and killing Trayvon, he has yet to be arrested or charged with any crime.[1]

Just minutes before Trayvon was killed, Zimmerman had called police stating that Trayvon looked "suspicious." Trayvon was unarmed and walking back to his father's home in Sanford, Florida when Zimmerman accosted him.

At the crime scene, Sanford police botched their questioning of Zimmerman, refused to take the full statements of witnesses, and pressured neighbors to side with the shooter's claim of self-defense.[2] As it turns out, Sanford's police department has a history of failing to hold perpetrators accountable for violent acts against Black victims and the police misconduct in Trayvon's case exemplifies the department's systemic mishandling of such investigations.[3] And now, the State Attorney's office has rubber-stamped the Sanford police's non-investigation, claiming that there is not enough evidence to support even a manslaughter conviction.[4]

Trayvon's family and hundreds of thousands of people around the country are demanding justice.[5] Please join us in calling on the Department of Justice to take over the case, arrest Trayvon's killer, and launch an independent investigation into the Sanford police department's unwillingness to protect Trayvon's civil rights. It takes just a moment:

Justice for Trayvon Martin 

Walking home from the store shouldn't cost you your life, but when Black youth are routinely assumed to be violent criminals, being randomly killed is a constant danger.[6] Before Zimmerman decided to get out of his parked car — gun in tow — to pursue Trayvon on foot that night, he called the police to identify Trayvon as a "suspicious person" — apparently because he was wearing a hoodie and walking too slowly in the rain for Zimmerman's liking. Despite being instructed not to follow Trayvon, Zimmerman proceeded to confront and fatally shoot the boy in the chest within a matter of minutes.[7]

The case has been compromised from the beginning. When Sanford police arrived on the scene, Zimmerman was first approached by a narcotics detective — not a homicide investigator — who "peppered him with questions" rather than allowing him to tell his story without prompting. Another officer "corrected" a witness giving a statement that she'd heard Trayvon cry for help before he was shot, telling her she had heard Zimmerman instead.[8] And beyond the questions of professional competence or even the police's disregard for the facts, Florida's notorious "Shoot First" law takes a shooter's self-defense claim at face value — incentivizing law enforcement not to make arrests in shooting deaths that would lead to murder charges in other states.[9]

Sanford has a history of not prosecuting when the victim is Black. In 2010, the white son of a Sanford police lieutenant was let go by police after assaulting a homeless Black man outside a downtown bar. And, in 2005, a Black teenager was killed by two white security guards, one the son of a Sanford Police officer. The pair was arrested and charged, but a judge later cited lack of evidence and dismissed both cases.[10]

Please join us in calling on the Department of Justice to arrest Trayvon's killer and launch an investigation into the Sanford police department's mishandling of the case and when you do, ask your friends and family to do the same:



8. See reference 2.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Occupy Wall Street Please help it's a Holocaust

My post to Occupy Wall Street in support of the Holocaust of Dogs and Cats by the NY ACC with the support of the ASCPA. I spend time sharing dogs and cats on Death Row in these OverKill shelters advocating and helping snatch them from the Death Rows of the NY shelters and shelters all over the country....Thank God for FaceBook.

Well the Shelters are overflowing because PEOPLE have lost their jobs and their homes and their minds and they have abandoned their pets in apartments, on the streets, and at the shelters ...."Shelter" has become Death Camp for man's best friend. I could go on and on. I write this with passion and not intellect....I understand the odds and the problems and all of it But I don't care...this has to STOP ...Some Things are Just Wrong and this is one of them.

What happens to the animals is what the 1% wants to do with us make no mistake about it.

CarolynBBaker@ OccupyWallSt "4 Million dogs and cats are Executed in US each Year. New York's ACC are Kill Centers....Part of this problem is that people have lost their jobs and their homes and they dump their dogs and cats at ACC hoping that they will be taken care of INSTEAD THEY ARE EXECUTED BY THE HUNDREDS/THOUSANDS.

There is a cadre of Rescue groups and individuals who do their best to Snatch these animals off of Death Row...but lets say there are 20dogs to die we can save 5 ....15 dogs of which 12 have no more than a cold if that ....Are Killed. The people just brought down a bill supported by ASPCA New York Assembly Bill A05449A, which would shorten the hold period (so if your dog was lost by the time you got to the shelter the dog is dead) and add psychological pain as a Kill buzz word. We should all be Executed by these standards.

We need Occupy Wall Street to Occupy the death chambers....bring in food and supplies and help the volunteers care for the animals....bring in Occupy Vets to help care for the animals and bring the press in to EXPOSE this holocaust.....Maybe full tilt on the worse one (Brooklyn) and small watch group at the others occupying the death chambers so they don't transfer dogs to Kill. This needs to be done so that the animals don't suffer ....that people can still adopt...rescue/foster...maybe work with some of the advocate suggested rescue groups...

What they do to the animals they will do to us. I am in Los Angeles...lala land....NY has the balls to pull this off and then maybe it would take off around the country and these dogs would not have died in vain or to make "soap"! "

PS. The ASPCA whose fabulous office is close to the Manhattan the biggest POS....they do massive publicity of stopping puppy mills etc. but if those dogs get into ACC shelters they die...They support legislation to Kill quicker and they unite with Animal Abusers....and they use donations for heavy overhead!....Somethings Just Aren't right

"We need another and a wiser and perhaps a more mystical concept of animals... In a world older and more complete than ours they move finished and complete, gifted with extensions of the senses we have lost or never attained, living by voices we shall never hear. They are not brethren, they are not underlings; they are other nations, caught with ourselves in the net of life and time, fellow prisoners of the splendour and travail of the earth." Henry Beston

PS. 2/24 Susan Chana Lask, Esq. I said it before and I'll say it again; for every puppy and dog they've killed, we will give them a name, and represent them by name in court. As of today, I'm behind and on NYC's Death Row Dogs issue. HELLO AC&C, MEET SUSAN CHANA LASK AND ALL THE THE DOGS YOU EUTHANIZED THIS YEAR.

Like I said all the balls of the country are in NY...please export used ones...especially to Cali!